Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I am not witty

No idea why I'm doing this. But I always thought doing a blog might lead to some insight... or something.

So.. here it is. Finally spurned into doing this by seeing how much fun KC was having with her blog. Well I can only assume she's having fun with her blog.

Of course, plenty of other people I know have blogs, too. Both Robn and Joshua. Both of them are just beyond swanky most of the times. Well at least Robn is. Joshua is just simply brilliant.

Another blog from a friend of mine would be from Scott. His also brilliant... but usually in a more satire based way. Oh for the days of the old Lum. Actually, I prefer the new Lum.. and I'm sure he does too. He actually gets paid.

Anywho... enough for me trying to look cool for throwing random links to friend's blogs out there.



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