Sunday, December 19, 2004


So after a very awesome afternoon of watching the Special Uber Sekret Extended Edition(tm) of Return of the King(tm) those of us still around decided to dig into a new game I recently picked up called Heroscape.

Now for those of you trying to figure out which system it's for... it's not... it's a kinda psuedo-board game.

Note to self: Work on getting a dining room table.

Anywho... it has the earmarks of a old fashioned strategy game, with the colorings of a collectable figure game... with the best of both, and without much of the suck.

Sure, it's got expansion packs of more armies to buy... but there's nothing random about it ala a standard collectiable anthing game.

I really respect that.

The basic rules are nice and straightforward. The master rules are not so much... they are good... but very complex... in a good way.

The figures themselves are of a decent quality... paintjob is better then the first incarnation of Hero Clix or the DnD Minis...

The terrain itself is really neat. Made up of these interlocking hex pieces, you can make pretty intersting "3-d" terrain. Setup is a bit of a pain due to this, though... as it takes about 5-10 mins to put together a single map... but it's well worth it once everything's all said and done.

So four Wookiee Howls for Heroscape.

Next... to buy the updated version of Axis and Allies.



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