Friday, August 12, 2005

Logitech® G15 Gaming Keyboard

Whenever a company makes a piece of hardware designed to be specifically for gaming... I always cringe inside. Why? Because they normally all really end up sucking. Anyone remember the Orb 3-D?

And yes... I do have one still in it's box. I like collecting weird things like that. I picked it up for all of $2 I think. I digress...

But... The latest entry into the foray of gaming hardware is from Logitech. Presenting the G15!

Unlike previous gaming devices that try to change the form factor of whatever it is they are trying to replace, the G15 "simply" is a keyboard with a bunch of extra crap thrown on top of it. The extra "G Keys" (their quotes, not mine for once) are nice if you actually spend the time to program them with the macros you want. Which is funny, since most MMO's don't allow for macroing yet they *specifically* mention an MMO as a use for their macro keys. Heh. But for other games I can easily see uses for the G keys. I remember back when I was playing Quake I think I had a macro/script under almost every key. One to change my viewing FoV, etc, etc.

Also comes with an LDC panel. I can see this having use. Not in an FPS, though (which is their example). I mean, if I need to see what my ammo is in the FPS I'm actually trying to NOT DIE IN... I'll just look at the screen... Not down at my keyboard. But I'm sure someone can come up with a valid reason to have an LCD on their keyboard that they can then program to show additional information that the UI of their game doesn't show... No really... Who'd try to mod the UI to show useful information when your keyboard can show it instead!




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