Friday, May 26, 2006

Do you know who I am?


So got back from seeing X-Men: The Last Stand a little bit ago. The company went to see it butt ugly early this morning.

I liked it. I thought that with the sand box that they have created with that incarnation of our happy Marvel mutants that they did a good job.

The biggest one being: "But Spyke, Juggernaut is magical based and Xavier is his half-brother?!?" Yeah, and this is an issue of "What if...?" basically. Do you think they are going to spend the time to explain magical stuff in these "mutant only" movies? I think not. And if you're going to change a character, you might as well just totally change him.

I still say that Juggernaut had the best line in the film. Ergo the topic. =)

I'm sure many out there disagree with me... But... Do you know who I am! I'm a Wookiee... erm... yeah. =P



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