Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Domain Name

So I either started the wheels to turn, or I just threw a wrench into the whole damn thing.

We'll see if the internet blows up or not.

Went and ordered Ultraedit. Realizing i'm going to have to go get some books on html as the last time I did anything with it, *IMG* tags were new. Joy.

Need to go register bulletproof ftp from the looks of it too.

Need to start figuring out a directory structure for everything too...

...and pictures! Need to get by a digial camera so I can start taking pics. Either that or I can just borrow Kidder's camera forever and a day. Maybe I can go nudge Dad into upgrading his. Hrm.

Oh yes... On the work front... Going to start figuring out the actual combat equations soon. Seems we had some timetables shifted around and we're going to get programming time sooner then later.

Might end up being a good thing that I'm not taking the first week in July off. Altho... I still wish Stacey was coming down.

Who's Stacey? Potential SO type person. We click well online. Havn't met in person yet, and we both know how "IRL" can change opinions on people. So she won't be coming down till August at the earliest now. So i wait... and bug her needlessly on AIM... What's a Wookiee to do? =P



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