Friday, July 09, 2004

Observations and talk about tat

It's interesting seeing who notices the new hair and who doesn't. In some ways it gives good insight into how people perceive things, and if they are going to say something about it.

Random stats... So far women have noticed more then men on about a 3 to 1 ratio. This makes sense, though, since women are the ones that are always getting mad at guys for not noticing THEIR hair.

And I havn't bumped into anyone that doesn't like it yet.

For the first tat, I'm waffling between the phrases "Be True To Yourself" and "Be True To Thyself". I think I'm liking the second one better. I'm waiting on the translation of "thyself" into nordic/icelandic.

The mock up that Jane did for a first run of the tat looks awesome. Going to do it as if it's a metal anklet around my right ankle. So there will be a gap down my achiles tendon with the "metal" doesn't quite reach around to on either side. The runic letters are going to be done as if they were struck into the metal band itself.

I'll post the mock up when I get an updated one.



Blogger Spyke said...

While that one works, it ends up being a bit too long once converted into nordic/icelandic. Also, I'd rather not steal a phrase that's somewhat famous through a different medium.

Plus I just like keeping it simple. I'm a simple guy, simple phrase.

Good quote though.

7/09/2004 3:19 PM  

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