Friday, July 02, 2004

I'm proud of myself...

I think I handled myself quite well this evening.

There were a couple situations (one I even generated myself.. stupid wookiee) that caused some twinging... but... I held firm.

One thing of note... With the bits that Amber's managed to knock free, and what I'm able to see and notice again. I can definitly tell that he's the one for her. It's as plain as daylight... well, to me at least.

Part of me hates him for that... but luckily that's a small part. Very small. Tends to be loud at times... but... very small.

I've also made some choices that will be interesting to see if I can keep going... but... I think it's time for Ye Olde Mr. Fixit to return and fix some strands here and there.

And consequences be damned... you only live once, right?

Edit: Yup... without a doubt... I'm Jake, she's Mary.



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