Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Launch day

Whelp, today is the day when New Frontiers launches.

I'll probably be watching the patchers and bandwidth off and on, even though that's not technically my responsibility anymore... old habits die hard. Plus I love watching the pretty graphs. "ohhhh... now here's when the players hit the patchers like a bunch of wild hyenas..."

I know the guys and gals upstairs and in PQ are going to be on edge today... So I cross my fingers, eyes, and toes in hopes that everything goes smoothly. =)

I fully expect the natural reaction on the VN Boards to be mostly pure hate for a couple days. Then once people actually sit down and play the game... it should be generally good. Well, as good as the VN Boards get, that is.

I'm actually really looking forward to it. There's a good chance I'm going to start a new character and just level up in the BG's. But we'll see how that goes.



Blogger Spyke said...

Havn't been that in a while, but I "officially" lost that title after I got moved over to the Imperator design team. I miss it. :/

Since I havn't had a reason to show back up on the Herald again, Sanya hasn't needed to make a new nickname for me yet.

On the internal test boards my title is "Wookiee Line Producer"... which of course has people asking... "So what... you produce lines of Wookiees?" Heh.

6/22/2004 2:41 PM  

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