Thursday, June 17, 2004

Still single!


So I had a good email conversation going on with someone that actually fired ME off an email from even though I hadn't been to it in over 3 months.

Things were going well... she likes console games. GTA and Syphon Filter...

Then she asked me about my job and what I like to do.

Well... That's usually when they stop talking to me.


I LIKE who I am. (and yes, this is being prompted from having read the Hobbit's blog this morning)

Anywho... I really do like who I am nowadays. I look good. I feel good. But, I'm a hard core geek. Hardware geek, gaming geek, computer geek, console geek... partial anime geek.

Unfortunatly in this area, if you're not a rock hard stud, drive a BMW, and have a 6 digit figure, you're generally SOL.

Now this isn't a pity party... Yes, if I go and spend time doing clubs, or dancing, or whatever requires me to try and weed out people, etc.

So I try the internet thing.. I try the friend thing... It always ends up with me screwing something up.

So while I like me... trying to get other people to like me (like that, of course), is something else entirely.

Their loss.



Blogger Grimoire said...

And you are correct. Their loss!!!

6/22/2004 1:51 PM  

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