Thursday, June 17, 2004

Still single!


So I had a good email conversation going on with someone that actually fired ME off an email from even though I hadn't been to it in over 3 months.

Things were going well... she likes console games. GTA and Syphon Filter...

Then she asked me about my job and what I like to do.

Well... That's usually when they stop talking to me.


I LIKE who I am. (and yes, this is being prompted from having read the Hobbit's blog this morning)

Anywho... I really do like who I am nowadays. I look good. I feel good. But, I'm a hard core geek. Hardware geek, gaming geek, computer geek, console geek... partial anime geek.

Unfortunatly in this area, if you're not a rock hard stud, drive a BMW, and have a 6 digit figure, you're generally SOL.

Now this isn't a pity party... Yes, if I go and spend time doing clubs, or dancing, or whatever requires me to try and weed out people, etc.

So I try the internet thing.. I try the friend thing... It always ends up with me screwing something up.

So while I like me... trying to get other people to like me (like that, of course), is something else entirely.

Their loss.



Blogger Kismet said...

It's not you screwing anything up. As long as you're true to yourself, you're doing the right thing.


We all love you for who you are!

6/17/2004 4:42 PM  
Blogger Grimoire said...

And you are correct. Their loss!!!

6/22/2004 1:51 PM  

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