Sunday, June 13, 2004

...and stuff and things!

This one's just for you Amber.

So it seems that Amber is now trying to get me to stop ending my sentances randomly with the phrase "... and stuff and things."

First Jim starts in on me at work (which I really appreciate as it is an unconscious thing at this point doesn't add anything to what I'm saying)... and now Amber.

Of course, I'm her GM of this nacient DnD 3.5 game... So I can always get her back if I wanted to!

Her: "I open the door"

Me: "You die."

Oh well... That won't be happening, at least not for that reason, since I do want to stop saying "...and stuff and things". I have NO idea how I even started saying that... or when. Oye.

Anywho... about that DnD 3.5 game. So far so good. Since Amber and Craig were out of any DnD loops and were startint to jones for it pretty badly, we ended up with Amber GM'ing and Craig and I playing at first. But then realizing that Amber wasn't familier with the 3.5 rules, and I was, I'd run them through the basic pack set of adventures as GM and then swap out once done with that. But then it just turned into me GM'ing and Craig and Amber playing.

I'm cool with that. As long as I've got pre-made modules to run, I can do it no problemo. Yes, I'm a gimp GM that way, but after having played in the Monday Night DnD Game as long as I have, I'm just intimidated by how well Elpers, Chris, Kai, and Anthony GM... I just don't have any hope.

But with new, fresh blood... I'm all over that.

And you know what, so far it's fun. Almost killed off one of Craig's characters, too. Since there's only two of them, they are each playing two characters to keep things going smoothly.

Next step... Get the Hobbit to start playing too. Then we'll see what mayhem we can unleash.



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