Friday, June 11, 2004

Mmm... Lunch

So I decided to try one of the McD's salads out today for lunch. They say they are good for you, and McD's never lies. Right?

I'm still trying to figure out the wet asian female on the side of their cups. Is that somehow them trying to say that language gets you wet? I dunno.

So I get this kinda large ugly orange "adult happy meal" box that they stick the salad in with the rest of the fixings. I like how the dressing and the croutons are not actually part of the salad.

If this works out, I figure I'll just do this for lunch M-W-F since that coincides with my chiro appointments with Dr. Randy. Yes, they go by their first names there. It's a very southern thing to do. I should know, between the Hobbit and my parents living in Alabama, I pick up things.

Anywho, but since McD's is next door to the chiro office... Well... not DIRECTLY next door. There's a bread place that sells white chocolate raspberry bread on thursdays that I'm trying to ignore. So since that would create a void in the fabric of reality, the McD's is next door to the chiro office. Got that? Good.

Looking at the face of Mr. Newman on the Newman's Own Ranch Dressing that comes with the salad, I wonder how many different faces he's allowed himself to be given for his different products?

Useless information for the day... Did you know that Shopping is now an official sport? Official sport for whom? Dunno. But that's what the side of the really orange "adult happy meal" box says.

And McD's never lies, right?




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