Wednesday, June 16, 2004

It's alive.... ALIVE!!!!!

Dr. Frankenwookiee manages to revive another computer.

I had remembered the other day that Kidder hadn't even really used his Shuttle SFF PC that he was setting up sometime last year.

I figured after he had purchased his Dell, that he didn't need it.

Little did I know.

So I asked him if we could come to some sort of arrangement on letting me use it since he wasn't. I hate seeing good hardware not being used... Ask about me using Crossmire's VEGA TV for over a year as it was just sitting around.

But I digress.

So he agrees to it, and we plan an evening where he'll come over and play some Full Spectrum Warrior, and I'll work on tranferring the important guts of my 2nd PC (which is nothing more then an IRC/AIM/Web box at this point) into this SFF shell. Not a problem. Just pull out the two hard drives, and slap them into the Shuttle.


What Kidder failed to mention was the reason he stopped working with the shuttle. He broke it.

So after I can't get video, and can't get it to boot properly. I pull off the heat pipe and see the single most amount of goop that I've seen slathered onto a CPU and heatsink in my life.

Needless to say, my guess at this point was that it was a dead CPU. Even after cleaning off the goop, and using a more normal amount, it wouldn't boot.

So I ran by the computer store across from work before I jetted over to Yoko Sushi and Haircutter to meet up with Weakley for some shorning and sushi eating.

Picked up an Athlon XP 2800+ that they were having a deal on. Slapped that in the box when I got home... plugged enough things back together to see if it booted... and low and behold... the monitor came to life.


So after swapping the hard drives around so the first was actually the primary on the primary channel and second was the primary on the secondary channel (due to the really short and precise cables they use), i dropped my XP Pro CD into the DVD drive (Which, btw, is probably the loudest and most bass-ackwards DVD drive i've ever used) I proceeded to use the second repair option to get XP back up and running with the new hardware on the mini-beast.

I'm writing this update as I'm in the process of updating the XP install on the box as it is a pre-SP1 copy of XP that I'm using. At least with my connection this doesn't take that long.

But.. it's alive... ALIVE!!!

And it's got a REALLY nifty blue light for the power light.

I like blue lights on electronic hardware.

A ton.

Just ask around... I always point out the blue light on my spiffy DVD player downstairs.

Mmmmm... Blue lights.



Blogger Spyke said...

But of course. But the way it all unfolded was just a very classic situation.

"It won't boot."

"Right... i probably fried the CPU."

"Bah... "


6/17/2004 2:08 PM  

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