Sunday, June 20, 2004

Still single! Part 2

((Warning, this is super frelling long. Sorry in advance. If you don't want to read about a sad Wookiee... ignore this post.))

So the good news is that the female type person from the previous episode of "Still single!" had NOT decided to stop emailing me... With all of that crap that was going on with akamai last week, it seems that emails going in both directions were eaten.

I found this out by sending an email out on friday as a kind of "last feeler"... You know.. the... "if you did stop emailing me, just let me know why, otherwise I hope everything's okay.. yadda yadda".

So she emails me back saying that she was thinking that *I* had stopped emailing her.

So we email some more. We decide to pass real email addy's as we weren't sure it was eating emails or not.

We talk via AIM that night. She asks if I want to talk voice. Of course I am!

6 hours later we stop the phone conversation as her brother was calling in long distance. Cool.. it was close to 2am and I was tired.... Happy.. but tired.

The conversation went all across the spectrum. Talked about ourselves, what we liked, what we liked in other people... etc...etc... Everything seemed to be going great. We had a tentative date in two days to meet for coffee. She also wanted me to email her another picture that a friend of mine had taken the previous weekend.

It's all good...

...or so it seems.

So... I decide to send her the pic before I head over to Darrin and Lori's. I send out an email, go finish up some stuff, come back... and there's a bounce back message from AOL. That email account no longer existed. Red flag. I pushed it aside as AOL having email problems.

So I put the pic up on my web space here and I call her up to let her know where it was.

So I don't get an answer and I get routed to a voicemail box that was saying the phone number of that voicemail was different then the one I called. Confused, I called back... same thing. So I leave a message saying that I enjoyed the talk, looking forward to tomorrow, and I've got the pic up on my web space. If she wants to see it, to call up and I can give her the url since her email addy I have doesn't work anymore.

I head over to D&L's...

We break for dinner... I call back to see if she's there. This time, the phone gets picked up by a fax machine. No problemo as she said this was her unlisted work number (She works from home). I call right back while the fax machine is doing its thing, and I get voicemail again. This time, instead of getting the automated "you have called number... five five five".. it's actually set up as a voicemail box for "Us". Her voice. So I know this is good. I leave another message similar to the first.

I get home around midnight. I send another test email to the AOL account to see if it still bounces. Yup... so it really is deleted.

I then pull up thinking maybe she is using a different email now and I was going to email her through that. Interesting... her account is deleted. Not turned off, just not there at all.

So at this point I'm in a terrible mood. Granted... anything could have happened from Alien Abduction to "She never wants to speak to me ever again." But I find that weird when she tells me what her real name is (as she uses a fake name when she first meets someone online), to roughly where she lives, what she does... etc... Enough to find her if I went all stalker like.

So I call up the number again this morning, after leaving a message on the "Us" voicemail, I call right back and instead of the fax machine picking up, I get a third voicemail box with a male voice (sounds like her Dad... she's a budding artist, so she's living at home to help with costs.. makes sense to me) saying his name (which is the same last name she gave me) and the standard message stuff. So I leave a message there wondering if we're going to do coffee... I leave my cell phone number again, and I hang up.

Sooo... I'm just so fucking confused right now I don't know what to do. Well... I know what I'm doing... I'm going to hook up with Amber and we're going to hit Target to look for patio tables and chairs for the july 4th stuff.

But beyond that... I feel like a very sad Wookiee. I'm confused, and unsure of what to do next (except for the ever pleasant "wait") and just very much had the wind knocked out of my sails.

Meh... I just hope she calls me, and this turns out to be a big misunderstanding and set of coincedences...

A Wookiee can hope, right?



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