Friday, June 18, 2004

Nothing like an ecclectic music taste...

So for shits and giggles I put my cd changer on full random this morning on the way into work.

I then realized the diversity of the CD's in said changer:

1) CD2 from Astral Projection's "In the Mix" Album

2 - 4) All three CD's from Led Zeppelin's "How the West Was Won" album

5) Limp Bizkit's "Results May Vary"

6) Anthrax's "Persistance of Time"

Granted, not as ecclectic as if I had Enya or my John William's CD back in there. But still an interesting crossover of old and new, rock to metal to trance.

Was really cool.


Someone hook a Wookiee up. K thx. Elsewise... You know I'll end up getting it one way or another. =)



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