Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Doom III

So I get an IM from the Hobbit yesterday saying she noticed that the release date on EBGames and Gamestop is now showing as August 3rd.

Of course, this date isn't listed anywhere on Activision's, id Software's, or the official Doom 3 sites at all.

Today there's an article up on IGN about this.

What it sounds like to me is that August 3rd *IS* the release date... at least for someone internally at Activision. id is either hedging their bets due to a bug they are trying to track down, or just being stubborn with their "when it's done" line. They don't have to say anything till the darn thing goes gold... and I'm sure since it is id, they can wait till the absolute last second to do a quick turnaround on the CD mastering process (i.e. dump some extra cash into it since they know they'll sell 293874293874 copies).

I also like how it's being sold for $54.99, and not the more standard $49.99. Again, to me, that shows the potential for how big this will be... plus just id's stroke. Why sell it at $49.99 when you can sell it for $5 more.

So two things...

1) That gives me about 40 days to save up for an ATI X800 card. Am I geek enough to do this?


2) They have two different limited edition figures. One from EB and one from Gamestop. Am I a collector enough to do this?

We shall see...



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