Friday, June 25, 2004

Nothing like a 12 amp Vacuum to blow a fuse...

So my parents are heading back out tomorrow. It was great to see them again. I feel sorry for mom that my washer blew up on her and she needed to get it fixed this afternoon heh.

The new shades rock, though. I'll have to take some pics. But I got the 1/2 honeycomb style shades from Next Day Blinds. And yes, I'm being lazy and not linking everything like I normally do.

On the back side of the house, which faces West, I got the light blocking... with the normal on the east/front side. Turns out REALLY nice.

Only problem is that I had them to hook both of the half width blinds to their door holder things... but the guy said they only do one. So, I'll have to call them back and say "listen... two were paid for.. one was installed... I'd like you to come back out to install the other one please."

So the 12 amp Vacuum? Well the 30'ish year old vacuum cleaner I had finally died. The belt for the motor snapped, and a quick run to Wal*Mart found out that all the more common ones nowadays are much bigger. So we went back without one. So Mom sent Dad back out to go get a vacuum cleaner (and a dust buster, since mine was like... ancient too). Well not only is the dustbuster kick ass... This Vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil blew out the circuit it was on when I was trying to vacuum the bedroom. That's pretty rad. =)

Having a bagless vacuum is cool, too. You can see exactly how much stuff it's managing to pull up. It's one of those things where you never think your carpet is just THAT dirty... but whoa... Pretty insane.

Anywho... I'm babbling...



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