Monday, October 11, 2004

The Real Death of Superman

Christopher Reeve... the man that many people see in their minds when they think of Superman died this morning.

I won't go into all the trite stuff like "at least he's not in any pain anymore" and "he's now able to move again"...

My big hope is that his foundation is able to continue where he left off. Having someone as high profile, and with as much money, as Reeve really helped push spinal cord injuries into the spotlight.

They mention in the above linked article that even Sen. Kerry mentioned Reeve during the last debate when talking about stem cell research.

His accident was a tragedy... but it opened the eyes of a lot of people for a lot of different things.

Plus, it showed everyone exactly how much of a "super" man he really was.

You will be missed.

UPDATE: Got THIS link from a co-worker. Very fitting I think. I always liked that scene, too.



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