Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wookiee 1 - Servers 0

Altho they did fight back... I've got a decent gouge out of my inner right arm, my left knee was busted open pretty good (and is going to bruise hard core), and my left shoulder gave out after doing the "server clean and jerk" for the umpteenth time.

Otherwise the server stuff went off with out as much of a hitch as could possibly happen with something of this magnitude.

There was a problem with one of the servers, but that was just one of those fixes that "took time" not.

I think we had a bad ass group of people up there that worked there arses off to get stuff done. I don't think it would have gone anywhere near as smoothly if we didn't have everyone up there that we did.

So I'd like to personally thank everyone that was up there today. We kicked ass.

Plus they all had fun laughing at me as I fell apart more and more as the day went on. =)

Here's to not having to do that again anytime in the next two and a half years. *takes some Tylenol PM and some water and goes to crash*



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