Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Too many games coming out...

It's typical with how the gaming industry works... A couple months of just a trickle of games... then BAM! Tons of new games that you want to play all coming out within 30 days of each other.

Rome: Total War
Evil Genius
Star Ocean
Star Wars Battlefront
Pikmin 2
Tales of Symphonia
Dawn of War


I just need to win the lottery (yes I play) so I can retire and play games all the time. Heck... or at least catch up with all the games I WANT to play.


EDIT: Forgot Demon Stone and Donkey Konga.

EDIT EDIT: Sweet Monkey Jesus



Blogger Robin said...

I played Donkey Konga at the toy store today. I want it much less than I did before!

9/02/2004 1:44 AM  

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