Monday, August 23, 2004

ATI vs. nVidia - Round 293874239847

So remember all those Doom 3 benchmarks showing the various nVidia cards "owning" the ATI cards?

Well Valve has a Half-Life 2 video stress test program out that they released late last week. Let's just say the numbers are more in line with how they "should" be.

Everyone knows that ATI's implementation of OpenGL sucks. That's why the Doom 3 numbers ended up the way they did, and why they released their 4.9 beta drivers even before the 4.8 final drivers were out (which did help some, btw).

Bottom line, unless you're planning on only playing Doom 3 and City of Heroes (the only other OpenGL only game I know of nowadays) I'd still recommend an ATI card as you're going to be running a LOT more Direct3D games then OpenGL games for the lifetime of that video card... a very large factor.



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