Monday, July 26, 2004

Home brewed games...

In this day and age of multi-million dollar games it's refreshing to see the old school garage design/programming game being produced.

The byproduct of the internet, no matter where you are you've got instantaneous communication with people all around the world.

The FPS modding community has been capitalizing on this for years. With team members for various mods located all over the place. Doesn't matter where you are anymore, just how wicked your skills are.

So I was doing some browsing earlier last week remembering that someone did some updates to King's Quest I and II. And yes... Sierra did do a VGA remake for KQ1, but it was all click based, not typing based if I remember correctly. Ah... the mouse... the death of the adventure game.

So... KQ2 was the first KQ game that I tried... but it wasn't ever my thing. I liked KQ just because it happened to be made by the same company that did Space Quest!

Being the sci-fi geek that I've always been, I instantly took a liking to SQ. Roger Wilco was a great avatar to control. I remember the first time I figured out the control sequence in SQ1 to pressurize the hanger doors and get the shuttle prepped to launch.

So on a bit of nostalgia I went out looking to see if anyone did a VGA re-make for SQ like they did with KQ (again, Sierra DID do a SQ1 VGA that I played... wasn't the same with all the clicking instead of typing).

So I came across this. Let me tell you... plays EXACTLY like an old school Space Quest game. Unfortunatly, even the annoying parts of the 1 pixel death traps.. heh. But man... I played through it this weekend and it was a hoot. All the in-jokes, all the bad humor. Ahhhh.

There's also another SQ home brewed game out there called The Lost Chapter. Set between SQ2 and SQ3, I'm going to have to give that one a try, too.

So after finding SQ0, I was looking around at some of the other home brewed games and THIS caught my eye.

Let me tell you... WOW. This game is amazing. For a home-brewed game this is simply amazing. The best thing that I did when I found out that Sierra canceled their Bab 5 game was just bitch about it. These people went and created their own game!

Let me tell you true zero-g inertial combat is interesting. It's like an elliptical dance of death around a central point... Or a better analogy would be a zero-g joust.

So... I'd recommend trying both of those games out. SQ0 if you're an old school SQ fan, and the Bab5 game if you liked that concept and can deal with "realistic" zero-g inertial combat.



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