Thursday, July 22, 2004

New Music (for me at least)

So after Amber ended up sucking me into Hot Topic last night (Cougar and I were trying to stay just in EB where it is MUCH safer, trust me... we ended up having to go get her.. /sigh) I ended up picking two of the albums that they had on display.

Soundtrack to Your Escape by In Flames and Oncoming Storm by Unearth.

I must say I'm glad I've been finding good "ole' fashion" Metal lately. Obviously I haven't been looking that hard, plus there's just a lot of absolute crap out there... but there seems to be a slight resurgence in good metal lately. Or at least I'm just more attuned to finding it.. dunno.

Either way... I'm happy.

Headbangers hooooooooo!!!



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