Friday, August 06, 2004

Look... another Doom 3 post!


News just in! First reported co-op mod actually a cd-key collector.

I actually can't wait for someone to come up with a working co-op mod of some type. That'll be bad ass.

Is the game still keeping my attention? Oh yah. I am only giving myself 1-2 hours a night to play it just so I don't burn myself out too much on it.

But, the atmosphere in this game is just incredible. Without a doubt the best aspect of this game.

You know it's good when people keep referencing RE1 (we ALL know the scene from RE1 that had everyone jump when those damn dogs showed up the first time) as far as the atmosphere and the "horror" aspect.

I think the monster closets suck, though. Monsters teleporting in from hell... sure.. that works.

Me walking into a room, and a wall piece slides up into the ceiling letting out an imp behind me... as if.

Good to see the mario-esque jumping scenes are still in. At least it's not THAT difficult. YOU GOT SOME PLATFORM IN MY FPS! WELL YOU GOT SOME FPS IN MY PLATFORM!

It's good to see the community jumping into the fray with beginning to mod the game.. . barring the cd-key sniffer noted above, of course.

I just want Fox to buy this engine now and come out with a decent AvP3. That'd kick some serious ass.



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