Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Wookiee is back in the hizouse...

So for those of you that were aware of the fact that I was feeling under the weather for about a month I can openly say now that I'm back at full strength it seems...


Up at the co-lo yesterday I was able to heft servers around by myself again, as opposed to mostly needing Andrew to do the hefting as of 2+ weeks ago.

Doc says it was just some virus that I was hit with that just totally sapped my strength and had me exhausted... What a way for a Wookiee to suffer, neh?

Nothing like a weak wookiee to make things totally depressive... People expect me to be able to heft around large, bulky, heavy objects... that's what I just sorta do!

So i'm happy to be back and operating at full strength again... always gives me a good feeling to heft around the servers by myself.

I hold the whole world in my hands! =P

And with that horrible pun... I think it's almost time for sushi again... mmmm... sushi.



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