Sunday, January 16, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Well... I'm giving the series a shot.

After having a long conversation on the mini-series, and the episodes that had aired in Europe with a co-worker, I've decided to give the whole thing a chance.

See... I'm one of those fans of the original Battlestar Galactica... I even spent most of my Comic-Con a few years back hanging around the table of Richard Hatch (this was the year that they first presented the BG:Revival "trailer" that was fan created).

That was also the year I got the signature of the actor who played Boomer... not that he was bitter about anything. But I digress.

So yes... I was one of those people up in arms that this time around Starbuck is a girl... and Boomer is a girl... etc, etc...

But... I gave the mini-series a shot. Not as bad as I wanted it to be. They have some stuff going on that I like. One of the main things being that it's quiet in space. I always dig that when that happens.

I also dig that the Vipers have alignment thrusters all over the place... so they can fly them with a stick, but there's some real physics going on there... ala Bab5.

So I just got done watching the series premier (which really was just the first two episodes slammed together)... And... well... I'm probably going to like it.

Since Boomer's a cylon (this is not a surprise to anyone that watched the mini-series) I'll be interested in seeing where that goes.

And I was thinking that... you know... The female that plays this incarnation of Starbuck... well.. That's certainly Starbuck... just... female. The attitude and everything else is down pat.

Plus, the fact that Richard Hatch signed on to play a character (dunno how often he'll show up) is kinda interesting. He even talks about it in his blog. Pretty much... "yeah... i was against this concept, but I don't have a job and they offered me one and I'd be stupid to say no!" kinda thing. I can dig that.

So... bottom line... We'll see where the show goes. But so far... I like it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Spyke, Tev (aka Jake) here. Nice blog btw, I check it now and then. =) Anyways, I have all 13 episodes of BG on my comp (thx bittorrent). I LOVE the series. The first few episodes are fantastic. If you'd like an advanced screening of sorts, I can try to send them to you or we can figure out a way for me to get em to ya. Just let me know via email at See yas bud!

2/01/2005 1:58 PM  

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