Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sad News...

My Great-Grandma Smith passed away. She was a classic "sweet old lady" that always liked her only grandson on the side of the family I'm on.

I saw her four years ago at her 90th B-Day party. Even though she hadn't seen me in many years she recognized me right away as I bent down to give her a hug. She may have been 90 and fairly frail, but she still had a hug that could crush the wind out of you.

Her husband passed away about 8 years ago. So she'd been living with one of her daughters for the last few years.

From what I gather talking with family members it wasn't a "surprise" that she passed away as I guess she had been just fading in recent history.

Even still... she was one of my favorites, and I miss her dearly. But now she's with my Great-Grandfather wherever they are. He'll be tending to his garden, and she'll be making her home-made thick egg noodles to go with the veggies he picks.

Man... I'll miss those noodles. :/ I know I already miss her.

Good bye Grandma... I love you.



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