Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Owned by Mom

So this post will be making the rounds today. Here's my effort in helping it.

Note to any younger gankers out there that still live with your parents (or some not so young gankers too, I guess).

Don't post on the same boards that your mom is reading!

I'm sure this is something that's going to happen more and more often as time goes on. Mostly due to the fact that those people that play games like this start to spawn eventually, and what better way to do something fun and exciting with your kid but play in the same game? I've read plenty of stories/emails about couples and familes that play MMO's/Games together. It's sorta the modern version of "let's sit around the TV and watch something together."

Instead now it's... "let's all get on our computers and gank something together... " Ahhh... The family that ganks together stays together?



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