Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Background downloading! Praise Cthulhu!

So it took them a while, but the busy boys and girls over at Microsoft finally released their long awaited update to the 360 software/firmware. It ended up having a ton of options in it, but the two that I (and everything else it seems) was waiting on were the background downloading and download queueing options.

See, previous to this if you wanted to download something on your 360 you could... but that was *ALL IT DID*. Sure you could set it up to download a long demo right before you went to sleep at night, or before you left for work in the morning... It just is certainly nice to be able to queue up a new download while you're using the system and also continue to do whatever it is you're doing (as long as it's actually not online play... which I'm cool with).

Of course I have little hope that I'll be able to actually update my 360 tonight since *EVERYONE* will be updating theirs... so I may wait a couple of days. My 360 is already pissed off at me as it is (check the link out over on the right there under my gamertag... My 360 has it's own blog now), it can wait a day if needed. =)

Btw, Shacknews has a nice list of all of the features added/changed over yonder: Shacknews - Document



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