Saturday, December 23, 2006

The 501st goes to the Rose Parade

Well this is unexpected, but totally cool. Many, many congrats to the 501st as a whole, and to the members of the 501st that are going to be marching in this upcoming Rose Parade.

You can read about it here: The Subject Was Roses...and Stormtroopers

While I am an unabashed Star Wars Geek (go figure!) I've always been proud of what the members of the 501st have been able to do. There were many, many days that I was in the hospital growing up that I would have given anything to see a squad of Storm Troopers walk down the hallways of the hospital and get to meet Darth Vader.

I'd probably have asked him to force choke a few of the Doctors while he was there. =)




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you watch this, you must create your own Millenium Falcon in celebration. From Parisian metro tickets, no less! (Translation included.)

12/28/2006 1:08 PM  

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