Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kilts and Slipknot

There's certainly something a bit surreal about driving down 495, listening to Slipknot (it happened to be on the CD) while wearing a kilt and garb. Not only that but I was surrounded by other cars/SUVs obviously surrounded by people driving back from the 22-25 defeat that the Redskins just suffered.

With the sun setting I didn't get the same reaction that I did on the drive up... Meaning no SUVs speeding up so everyone inside could take a gander at the weird guy wearing the green and blue outfit... with the kilt. That always makes me smile.

So to that it was an end to a wonderful weekend at the Faire. I've met a good group of people up there... very friendly people... especially after Free Beer O'clock. Amazing how that works.

It's also just funny how no matter what type of group it is, there's always the same players... the same drama. Yet, this is one of those things that brings me comfort. Why? Because I know how to play that game. I know what to say to whom, and how to react when certain bits of drama fire off. It's nothing new... which is good. Because it means that I can let myself be comfortable with the people and just enjoy the time... oh... and the drink. =)

So here's to everyone that's ever found themselves surrounded by a sea of mundanes, were true to themselves, and enjoyed it the entire way. Huzzah!

Oh yes... as an aside... It's quite fun wearing a kilt at Faire. I'm beginning to REALLY enjoy the random kilt check or two from the wenches. Tis very fun indeed. /smirk




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