Saturday, September 09, 2006

OSU Buckeyes vs. UT Longhorns: 23 - 7

Last year UT pulled it out in the last quarter and won the game in our house.  This year we pretty well controlled the game for most of the clock... in *their* house.  It's pretty telling when you have Longhorns leaving their stadium before the game is over... Especially since one of their things is to "Stay Late".

Props to their young quarterback, but bigger props to our mostly young defensive line.  They held their own and made some outstanding plays.  Heck, the fact that James Laurinaitas's old man is Road Warrior Animal is just an awesome bit of trivial for an old wrasslin' fan like me.

It should be an interesting season for both teams.  This is a big loss for Texas, it'll certainly knock them out of 2nd place.  But it's early enough in the season that they can work on re-gaining ground.  For Ohio, it'll be interesting to see how much the rest of their schedule really challenges them until the Michigan game.

Man, it generally doesn't get much better then this.




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