Monday, September 04, 2006

Wii: Liepzig Video Review

Saw this over at IGN.  Not generally a fan of their "IGN Weekly" stuff, but this one is WAY cool.

IGN Weekly 23

It's probably the best look at the control of the Wii that I've seen yet.  The video's about 25 minutes long, so the guy has plenty of time to play through a few of the games that they were showing.  That makes it REALLY cool is that he has two cameras set up.  So you can see his hands with the Wiimote as well as the screen.  It really does a good job of showing off how the Wiimote works (or doesn't work) in the various games.

I'm still waiting till I get my hands on a Wii before I make my final decision... but I'm leaning towards getting one now.  But not leaning enough to worry about getting one as soon as they come out.  I'll wait till they get whatever kinks are worked out first.  =)




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