Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Star Wars: 151 changes to Empire

On starwars.com they recently put up a section showing screen caps of the 151 differences between the 1980 theactrical release of The Empire Strikes Back and the 2004 DVD edition.

151 SW: Empire Strikes Back Differences

Sure, a lot of it is just "cleanup" and color fixing/balancing, etc.  But there are some pretty radical changes in it.  ESB actually had some of the least offensive changes out of the three movies.  Heck I think its the only one out of the three that pretty much ended up as an upgrade after the "special edition".  If nothing else Cloud City looks a heck of a lot better now.  Especially without all of the long white, blank, corridors.

Oh, also to note.  If you see two 2004 images on top of each other, that means that they are showing a scene that was added to the 2004 version.  For example, if you look at change number 8 from the link above you'll see two shots of the updated Wompa that was added into the 2004 version.

And yes... for whatever reason nearly *everything* is more blue... or well I should say.  Less grey.

Of course what's really cool is the little bit at the bottom.  They are telling you exactly what the differences are.  That does the geek in me proud.  Just what I need... more useless Star Wars trivia to absorb. =)




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