Wednesday, September 20, 2006

...And this round goes to Microsoft!

It's amazing how a company that has made so many bad choices in the gaming arena has done a nearly 180 degree flip and started doing pretty much *everything* right... Well at least in regards to the 360.

Microsoft announced at the Tokyo Game show that they will be delivering a free update to all 360's that will allow them to output games at 1080p.  Luckily I'm one of those people that can actually DO something with this... <kisses his new'ish Sony TV> (Yeah... where's the irony there?) but even still that's a great move on MS's part.

I seriously bet you that this update comes out before November 17th, as well.  Since that's the release date for the pitifully poor inventory of PS3's... I'd bet you dollars to donuts...

You'll still need to buy the seperate HD-DVD player when it comes out to be able to play HD-DVD's.  But that makes sense... The drive that's in the 360 is only a standard DVD drive.  There's no way for it to read the HD-DVD format.  The update only allows for the 360 to output games at the higher 1080p resolution.

Hopefully MS will finally come out with an HDMI cable for the 360 as well.  Sure component would still work (what I currently use), but I've got more devices that need component then I do HDMI.  I'd love to free one of those up.

Yeah... oh darn... what a problem to have. =P




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