Saturday, February 10, 2007

300: Comparison between the Movie (trailer) and Comic

Much like what some people did after Sin City came out when the compared frames of the movie to the frames in the comic book, someone made up a YTMND site that does something similar to the 300 trailer.

Warning with it, when the song kicks in it kicks in "louder then normal". So if you are using speakers depending on your settings it can get pretty loud.

Sin City (the comic) was built around Miller doing everything in black and white with only certain specific elements showing up in color. They managed to get that conversion to the screen nearly perfect. Whereas, in 300 (the comic) there's a lot more... esoterica... I guess you can say... It's not built around a single visual style like SC was (well except Miller's base style that he always has). So I'd say converting 300 (the comic) into a movie and keeping that Miller style was more difficult of a task then in SC.

For me, I think the production team has done an amazing job taking Frank Miller's art work and converting it into the "moving picture" form where it has managed to keep most of what makes it Frank Miller art.

Regardless of how well the actual movie does, I hope the production team gets at least nominated for some awards due to what they've managed to achieve.




Blogger Grimoire said...

while the system defenitely has merrits. It does seem that it is not that difficult to get a high number on the sex/nudity side. I looked at a few there and they do seem to be taking any references to sex rather high.

But their detailed analysis IS very good for parents. It lets them know what to expect, and that at least I support.

2/13/2007 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having never read any of the Miller graphics, I really have no TRUE basis for comparison, though I love the visual styling I have seen. I'm really looking forward to checking this out.

Hey, when are we going to hear from you/see you again? Me and Colleen are getting to missing you...

2/16/2007 10:09 PM  

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