Monday, August 13, 2007

GenCon and PAX 2007!!!!11!!11one~

So I'm taking a break from getting ready for pretty much 2 weeks straight of travel. I'm heading out on Wednesday to GenCon (40th Anniversary of... should be cool) come back on Monday, work Tuesday, re-pack, then fly out to PAX next Wednesday.

Oye. All I can see is that next Tuesday is going to be insanely busy... and some.

Heh. =)

But, I should enjoy it all. GenCon is my vacation this year. Going to spend time just wandering the exhibit hall. I'm going to enjoy actually having time to sit down and play through demos of people's games, etc. Plus I'll be able to bump into friends again (like the freaks from Privateer Press... ) and also meet some people for the first time (like Pann from CCP/White Wolf... I'm sure we'll be giving Charles plenty of hard times... ). Then there's the CCP/WW party on Saturday night too look forward too, as well. =)

PAX I'll actually be working the WAR booth. But it'll be cool. PAX last year was fun... It was the most... original of any of the conventions. This is their first year in a newer, much larger, location. So it should be interesting. I have a feeling that PAX will continue to grow to end up being as large as Comic Con or GenCon but be able to stand on its own too legs dealing with just video games specifically.

Should be interesting either which way it goes. =)




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun! Even the incredible 4-footed Chewbacca look-alike wishes you well!

8/17/2007 11:47 AM  

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