Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FOOGFEST 2007 Aftermath

So even after the 14+ hours dealing with airports and flying (which was only supposed to be about 5 hours)... I must say that overall my total experience at FOOGFEST 2007 was great.

Got to meet some of the people that I've been playing various MMO's with face to face for the first time... and shoot some of them in paintball, ta boot. You seriously can't beat that.

I've even got a few bruises (plus this one on my left arm that's HUGE... I hate it when the paint doesn't break) to show for my efforts.

We also played a bunch of games... the Order of the Stick board game (which I picked up), Fury of Dracula (which I picked up), Munchkin, and even some dice game called "Farkle". Heck I even had a chance to pull out my "Pass the Pigs" game... that was well received, too.

So we'll see where we end up with next year... But I certainly can't wait. =)




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