Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LH: "Simple" way to run XP within Vista

Lifehacker is one of those sites that I love going to.  It's like opening up a pack of trading cards.  Some days you'll just get commons, some days you'll get a super-rare!  Heh.

Anywho, today they've got one of their simple, yet cool posts on being able to run XP within Vista via a virtual machine.

Geek to Live: Run Windows XP inside Vista with Virtual PC

One of the things I like about the article is that it is a bit more then just a "just because we can" situation.  For a little bit, at least, there will be certain applications that will not run correctly in Vista, only in XP.  This is a situation that should help work around that.

I also enjoy how the author explains why they would pick Virtual PC versus using one of the better options out there.  "Free" is always a good reason for me... especially when just trying something out at first.

About the only question left for me would be wondering what the performance of XP running with Vista.  Obviously most of that would depend on your hardware.  But if you've already got a pretty beefy system, I'd be interested to see how much of a hit running XP would be for apps run *IN* XP.

It's one reason to be able to run XP as a virtual OS, it's another thing for it to run well.

Sounds like something I'll need to try out when I get my new PC.




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