Sunday, November 21, 2004

Some chat on the Nintendo DS

My thoughts on it in IRC:

[22:08] {Wookiee|Away} got my DS
[22:08] {Wookiee|Away} going to try it out for a few minutes with the super mario DS
[22:08] {Wookiee|Away} i must say that at first blush I am totally underwhelmed by how it it looks... a very drab gray.
[22:13] {Wookiee|Away} well super mario DS supports single-card download play... so i'll be trying that soon..
[22:13] {Wookiee|Away} got some people I know that should be getting DS's...
[23:06] {Wookiee|Away} well.. not bad.
[23:07] {Wookiee|Away} you start out being able to play mario or yoshi.. so picked yoshi... using the touch screen for an analog stick is interesting.. but actually works.
[23:07] {Wookiee|Away} the thing on the wrist strap for the thumb to act as a stylus is nice.
[23:07] {Wookiee|Away} they've got a bunch of mini-games in the cartridge too..
[23:07] {Wookiee|Away} and a vs. mode, which I havn't read up on yet.
[23:08] {Wookiee|Away} it's neat having the touch screen be the map of the zone you're in too.
[23:08] {Wookiee|Away} and boy my handwriting sucks.
[23:08] {Wookiee|Away} tried the picto chat out... wow.. terrible handwriting.
[23:10] {Wookiee|Away} nice little touch.. if you don't have it on auto-boot to game cart.. you can have a ds cart and a gba cart in at the same time..a nd then choose which one to boot from.
[23:10] {Wookiee|Away} the DS carts are TINY, too... they are like memory for a digital camera.

So it's... interesting, to say the least.



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