Tuesday, November 09, 2004

That's Incredible!

Best. Movie. Ever.

Well... at least best movie I saw tonight. =)

The Incredibles was just amazing on so many levels...

One one hand I was totally digging it for the super-hero fanboy in me. I was liking the characters, and the storyline, etc. Wow... The Fantastic Four movie has it's work cut out for it in regards to showing stretching super heros on screen.

On the other hand I was totally geeking out as the level of CG and the raw technology that it took to make that movie. There were times (many times) that I forgot I was watching a CG film. Now... I will admit that the shape of the main characters kept bringing that back in focus (And I didn't mind that), but when it was just environments or action sequences with vehicles.. wow.

Plus.. omg... their hair sim is just insane. The cloth sim was awesome too.. but it's pixar.. their cloth sim has BEEN awesome. The hair sim... especially when the hair was wet... wow... just... wow.

The voice acting was above par, too. The Man was great as Frozone... all of the characters did awesome jobs... was great to hear Holly Hunter doing something too... I think she's an underutilized actress.

The Incredibles gets.. uh... 4 Wookiee Growls!

...or something.



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