Sunday, January 23, 2005

That wasn't a snow storm! I want my money back!!

So Danny and I got all kinds of prepared to get snowed in at my place for this upcoming "snow storm"... annnnnnd it didn't really happen.

For those of you not in this area as of friday we were supposed to get snow from 7am Saturday morning till 7am Sunday morning. Hearing estimates of 4-6 inches with some up to 8 inches.

Welllll... Turned out the forcasters must have just been reading some of their spam email on male enhancements for those values, as the snow didn't start till about noon and only lasted till about 3 or so.

Granted, there ended up being a good 2-3 inches out there... but once it stopped and everyone shoveled out, it wasn't like you were actually "stuck" or anything.

So here Danny and I were hoping for a nice somewhat romantic good ole' fashioned snow storm so we couldn't go anywhere... got all of the fixings for food, etc, etc... But it never happened.

Well she and I still managed to make the best of it... a cake or two baked, some nice bacon wrapped filets... roasted veggies... some of her "salsa" (she calls it salsa but it's more of a... well.. it's REALLY good.. but it's technically not salsa), etc, etc...

So we'll be able to look back at this at somepoint and say: "hey... you remember that almost snowstorm of '05 that almost got us snowed in at your/my place?"...

At least we got through all the Tivo'd stuff, too...

Shatner is soooo bad... he's an acting god.

Denny Crane




Blogger Therrik said...

You suck. We got over a foot!

1/25/2005 5:07 PM  

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