Sunday, May 15, 2005

E3's in the air!

So it's that time of year again. Time for the various gaming companies to gather in one spot and try and make their booth the most deafening and blinding experience around. For some of the people there it's the closest thing to being on an acid trip they'll ever be.

That's right! I'm talking about E3.

I'll be heading out bright and early tomorrow to join up with the rest of the pre-show crew in helping to put our booth together. The show itself doesn't start till Wednesday, so it should be fairly easy to shut my brain off for the next two days.

Then chaos explodes.

At least we generally don't have to worry about people stinking as much as they do when they go to GenCon. Heh.

Anywho... it should be interesting as always. This year is fun due to all of the hype behind the new consoles coming out. Otherwise as long as you go to E3 about every 2-3 years you pretty much see everything.

I'm actually stoked about our booth this year. There's a lot of effort that's gone into it, and it should turn out fairly interesting. If nothing else the movie that we'll be showing for Imperator in the movie room is going to be wicked. I saw a near final version and I think it's great.

Plus I'll have a little fun with the Mythic Webcam. I'm the one that is responsible for getting it out there, set up, etc. It'll be set to take a pic every 30 seconds, and the site will show you the current pic, plus the last 10 mins worth of pics. I'll be saving all of the pics on the laptop it's connected to, so that way we can go through them afterwards and see if we have any really juicy ones. =)

Anywho... time to go pack and stuff. I'm sure I'll see some of you out there. I'll be at the booth pretty much the entire time. =)



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