Saturday, June 11, 2005

Been busy...

Sorry I havn't had much of a chance to blog much... I actually have been busy enough that I havn't touched the PC at home for many weeks now.

Buuuuut... I just got a brand new Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop... that's all going to change. =) This weekend's project is getting this badboy set up as my primary pc to use here at home (so far so good this thing screams), as well as setting it up as my primary at work, too.

I may not set it up as my truely primary box at work... but not sure yet.. It's not like it's not powerful enough... but there's something to having a PC that's not yours that you use at work that you really don't have to deal with if it blows up, etc.

Ah well... Quickly dropped the Republic Commando game on it as that's what I had handy. Works like a charm. Going to work on getting the Battlefield 2 demo up and running on here later. I just know that once I do that, I won't be moving from this spot for a while... and I have stuff I need to get done. heh.



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