Friday, August 19, 2005

Xbox 360 Pricing

So the news is out. To not buy the gimped out "it doesn't come with really anything" version of the Xbox 360 it will set you back about four hundred smackers before tax.

Needless to say that the reaction to this seems to be ranging all over the board, but with the needle heavily into the "they might as well have told me to hand over a kidney" range.

I don't get this reaction at all... But this is the "logic" of the internet I guess.

I mean, if $399 is too much. Don't buy it right away and wait for it to price drop after 6 months or so. But if that's too much to ask for as you'll be feeling like less of a person by not having it day one, then you've got plenty of time to start saving up.

Thing is, I also am someone that likes playing games on my computer. So looking at a $400 price tag for a fairly complete gaming solution seems like quite the bargain for me. I mean, if you're building a PC you could easily spend $400, or more, on one of the "top of the line" graphics cards... And that's just one part of the whole.

So I just see it as economy of scale there... $400... Graphics card... or fully functional console system.

Four hundred smackers doesn't seem so bad to me when you look at it that way.



Blogger The Rub said...

don't forget the several grand you have to drop on a hd tv to take advantage of the "osogreat" graphics for one of these console systems.

8/22/2005 10:03 AM  
Blogger Spyke said...

The xbox 360 doesn't require an HD TV. Sure, it'll look the best on one, but it doesn't require it.

Same thing with running your $400 graphics card on a not top of the line CRT or LCD. Most people don't necessarily have the display hardware to truly get the most out of what they are trying to push to screen.

So I still stand by my base argument.

8/22/2005 10:13 AM  
Blogger Therrik said...

You mean you don't already have a HDTV? Bah I say!

8/22/2005 7:50 PM  
Blogger Spyke said...

Who said I didn't have an HDTV? I was talking generically. You know I have one T. We talked about the make/model before.

8/23/2005 2:52 PM  
Blogger Therrik said...

Not you Spyke. I know you have one. We've talked about it and the HD-DVR.

I meant 'the_rub'

8/23/2005 4:17 PM  

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