Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well not much to say here that isn't already being said elsewhere (or made up by Fox News) on what happened down south. The aspect of all of this that's bumming me out the most is that most of the damage wasn't done by Katrina directly, it's all of the run-off and extra water that's been left behind that's tearing up levees and whatnot...

Granted, I think calling what's happening our version of that tsunami is a bit much, but it certainly is a great tragedy in a lot of ways. Sure, everything will be re-built, but it's the fact that most of nawlins was old and about to fall over that gave it a lot of its charm.

I just wish everyone that's lost their place to live safety and peace during this upcoming tumultuous timeframe. Oh, and all those people that are looting already? I think we need to see some Darwin award winners out of those people.

Site Note: If anyone's reading this that knows Jake (Tevren from old school Tunare EQ) and knows if he's okay or not (since he lives in nawlins) let me know.




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