Saturday, October 08, 2005

Well that was fun!

So I had a very fun week with the parents. Mostly spent the time with Mom running around places here and there. We were certainly worn out at the end of each day. I think we're re-learning how to be around each other after everything that's gone on as we didn't even really squabble any. So that was neat.

Since Dad was stuck doing work for most of the week (and was trying to not be sick too), I only got to see him for a couple dinners. But those were certainly enjoyable.

They should have taken off to head back home sometime within the last half hour... So I hope this flight doesn't get them sick (or re-sick as the case may be). They'll give me a call once they get to Atlanta and all will be well.

I was able to introduce them to the show "Las Vegas". I think they'll be adding that to their watch list as Mom was asking me when it was on and what channel. I think she thought Danny was cute. From what I hear from most of the females that I know that have watched the show, they feel the same way. =)

Rest of the weekend is mostly just getting the house back together and then seeing what's going to happen tomorrow... If anything. Should be interesting.



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