Saturday, June 28, 2008


Saw a late digital showing of WALL*E that I just got back from a little bit ago.  I'm literally blown away by how good this movie is.  To put it in perspective the last time I checked it had a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.  That's pretty damn good.

Pretty much everything about this movie was impressive... The animation, the sound production, to the character development.  For a movie that has most of the characters unable to talk more then R2-D2 with a few words added it is simply incredible how touching and emotionally attached you feel to them all.

There certainly were a few very moving scenes as well... and if you don't feel those then you're a pretty bit jadded then.  =)

It reminded me of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons in that both adults and kids can see it and both enjoy it.  Heck men and women can see it and both enjoy it.  I think they've managed to create a movie that has something for *everyone* on it... Which is damn impressive.

It's a good sci-fi flick as well as a good date flick as well.  There's a combo that you normally don't see together.

Plus the homage/cameo of Animal from the Muppet Show (or at least his manerisms, ergo the homage primary) wins some massive bonus points from me. =)

Go see it as soon as you can.  Pixar is going to make a mint from this movie... I think it might end up being one of their highest grossing films of all time.

Oh, and the short that's in front of it is side splitting hilarious.  Most of the audience had a hard time breathing during that one... And it's a great primer for WALL*E.


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Sunday, June 08, 2008

ZOMG... I might actually finish L.O.

So I finally buckled down and finished the "Temple of Enlightenment" section of Lost Odyssey. Horrible, horrible dungeon. What made it worse is that I had to go BACK as I had somehow missed the item from the Shopkeeper in Saman.

But... I'm out! I just turned in the Orichalcum and am ready to finish the remainder of the Backyard Battles.

With any luck I'll get a chance to finish things before August (stupid trips). =)


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