Friday, January 28, 2005

Namco vs Capcom

I've always dug 2-D fighers more then the later 3-D fighers. Probably as I started with Street Fighter II.

Ahhhh... the days of rows of quarters lining the machines at the upstairs Time Out at Springfield Mall... We were to be feared.

So when they started coming out with the line of "vs" fighting games, I remembered how we always talked about that back during the "old" days of fighting games. "Wouldn't it be cool if you could play Street Fighter vs King of Fighters..." It's amazing sometimes how things you wish for come true.

Well it seems that Monolith (of all people) is developing Namco vs Capcom. It's not your standard 2-D fighter like the other "vs" games. This one seems to be a Fighter/RPG hybrid of sorts.

Looks interesting. PS2 only for now. We'll see how this one shakes out.


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Happy Winter-een-mas!

I admit it... I'm a video game fanatic/geek. Almost me entire existance has revolved around video games one way or another for as long as I can remember.

So when I first read over at Ctl+Alt+Del about Winter-een-mas, I was ALLLLLL over it.

I think it's an awesome idea. A celebration of gaming by gamers. Makes sense.

So I'd just like to thank all of the game companies that made the games that I've built my foundation of gaming skills and knowledge upon...

Thanks for all the years of enjoyment, fun, and escapism... And here's to many more!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

That wasn't a snow storm! I want my money back!!

So Danny and I got all kinds of prepared to get snowed in at my place for this upcoming "snow storm"... annnnnnd it didn't really happen.

For those of you not in this area as of friday we were supposed to get snow from 7am Saturday morning till 7am Sunday morning. Hearing estimates of 4-6 inches with some up to 8 inches.

Welllll... Turned out the forcasters must have just been reading some of their spam email on male enhancements for those values, as the snow didn't start till about noon and only lasted till about 3 or so.

Granted, there ended up being a good 2-3 inches out there... but once it stopped and everyone shoveled out, it wasn't like you were actually "stuck" or anything.

So here Danny and I were hoping for a nice somewhat romantic good ole' fashioned snow storm so we couldn't go anywhere... got all of the fixings for food, etc, etc... But it never happened.

Well she and I still managed to make the best of it... a cake or two baked, some nice bacon wrapped filets... roasted veggies... some of her "salsa" (she calls it salsa but it's more of a... well.. it's REALLY good.. but it's technically not salsa), etc, etc...

So we'll be able to look back at this at somepoint and say: "hey... you remember that almost snowstorm of '05 that almost got us snowed in at your/my place?"...

At least we got through all the Tivo'd stuff, too...

Shatner is soooo bad... he's an acting god.

Denny Crane


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Thursday, January 20, 2005

A few links that I find amusing...

Exhibit A

I've run into issues with web forms with my email addys from *THIS* site... Can't imagine what it'd be like from there.

Just means I'll have to find out. =)

Exhibit B

Damn you Hobbit for showing me this!

But wow.. talk about wacky. I mean.. it's not as bad as a pillow that's a girl's lap, or a pillow that's supposed to represent your boyfriend when he's away that you can wrap around while you sleep... BUUUUUUUUT it's close.

Now I'm going to go have to eat at Yoko tonight.

Oh sucks. Darn.

Exhibit C

Wow... That's impressive.

The basic image itself is VERY nice... but then whomever turned it into a tat is just REALLY damn good. That's some fine line work.

Wonder if they are going to get it colored in.

Huh? Oh... I'm supposed to comment on how much of a looser that guy is for getting that? Or how much of an uber geek that makes him?

Um... Hello. That'd be the pot calling the kettle black. Kinda silly don't you think. =)


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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Well... I'm giving the series a shot.

After having a long conversation on the mini-series, and the episodes that had aired in Europe with a co-worker, I've decided to give the whole thing a chance.

See... I'm one of those fans of the original Battlestar Galactica... I even spent most of my Comic-Con a few years back hanging around the table of Richard Hatch (this was the year that they first presented the BG:Revival "trailer" that was fan created).

That was also the year I got the signature of the actor who played Boomer... not that he was bitter about anything. But I digress.

So yes... I was one of those people up in arms that this time around Starbuck is a girl... and Boomer is a girl... etc, etc...

But... I gave the mini-series a shot. Not as bad as I wanted it to be. They have some stuff going on that I like. One of the main things being that it's quiet in space. I always dig that when that happens.

I also dig that the Vipers have alignment thrusters all over the place... so they can fly them with a stick, but there's some real physics going on there... ala Bab5.

So I just got done watching the series premier (which really was just the first two episodes slammed together)... And... well... I'm probably going to like it.

Since Boomer's a cylon (this is not a surprise to anyone that watched the mini-series) I'll be interested in seeing where that goes.

And I was thinking that... you know... The female that plays this incarnation of Starbuck... well.. That's certainly Starbuck... just... female. The attitude and everything else is down pat.

Plus, the fact that Richard Hatch signed on to play a character (dunno how often he'll show up) is kinda interesting. He even talks about it in his blog. Pretty much... "yeah... i was against this concept, but I don't have a job and they offered me one and I'd be stupid to say no!" kinda thing. I can dig that.

So... bottom line... We'll see where the show goes. But so far... I like it.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Yeah it's been a while... Hasn't been much to talk about...

Strike that.

There's been a lot to talk about as I've been super busy with stuff.

Danny's going well.
Work's going well.

But.. enough about that stuff... I'm here to talk about Synergy!

Yes Synergy... no not the typical definition... but Synergy!

It's a very nice app (all of less then 700k) that you run on multiple machines (PC, Mac, etc) that allows you to use one keyboard and mouse to control all of them.

As the auther calls it.. it's KM software... not KVM as it doesn't do anything with video.

You still need each individual box to have its own monitor, etc. But being able to move my mouse here and it ends up on my laptop right over there, is very sweet.

One of the big things that I love is that it copies the clipboard between machines as well. So I can copy something over here, and paste it over there.

It also works with games really well... surprisingly well.

Being able to move my mouse from the machine that has the game playing on it to my secondary machine running IRC is *really* nice. Havn't tried it with two games running... one on each machine. Of course, I'd need a secondary machine that could actually *run* the more modern games. That's on my list of things to do this year.

Well.. it's more of a "get a new primary machine so my current primary can become a secondary"... but I digress.

So anywho... If you've got more then one keyboard and/or mouse on your desk, this might be something you want to look into.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Start of a new year...

Well so far so good.

*knocks on wood*

It's actually been a spectacular start to the year so far.

Granted, get back into a "normal" sleep/wakeup cycle has sucked hard core... but... meh... whatcha gonna do?

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