Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Spider-Man 2

Excellent movie... Totally rocked.

Tons of homage to the old school Spider-Man comics... even an homage to the old cartoon.

Of course you had the Stan "The Man" Lee and Bruce Campbell cameo's. Be careful... if you blink you'll miss Stan Lee.

Special effects were great... They certainly made Doc Ock a great villain.

I must say though... I think JJJ stole the show... if not the show, then every scene he's in. The actor and the lines are just PERFECT.

Even if you were luke-warm on the first one, I'd recommend going to see this movie To say that it is going to be the summer blockbuster is going to be an understatement. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to Shrek 2 as far as money pulled in, etc.

I can see myself seeing this one multiple times in the theater

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Okay.. this is frelling cool.

Go go gadget old school OSTs.

Cool Mario Soundtracks

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Nothing like coming home to an empty house...

...yeah... great house... Wish there was someone else in it though.

Being alone still sucks. Just thought I'd check.

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Bye bye drummer...

I'd like to give my love and condolences to my Dad for the loss of his brother, Dave. I know we were expecting it, but it still doesn't make it any easier.

I'd also like to give my love and condolences to Dave's daughters Shannon and Brandyn and their families... as well as Dad's parents, too.

One should never have to bury a child.

Here's to hoping that there's a drum set waiting for you Dave.

Some might question me putting this here for public inspection... but... It helps me clear my mind... and I need to be stable and constant for Mom and Dad right now... It's going to be a tough week for them both.

On that note, I hope everything goes well tomorrow Mom. If not, I'm going to have to go wookiee on a divine power, or two.

But, like they say... Life isn't fair. If it was fair, that'd be too easy.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

A new (used) camera!

So Dad "accidentally" left his Powershot G2 after their trip up last week.

Even though it's a few generations behind the G5 and nowhere near as small as the S400 series it's a pretty sweet camera.

I played around with it a bit yesterday... I need to go pick up one of those PCMCIA CF memory card readers. Once I get that, it'll be easier to just transfer the pics onto my laptop for quick editing, etc. Using USB1.1 is just SO two years ago... literally. =P

But, after I get a 2nd battery, and the external battery charger.. I should be gtg with this beast. Then I can actually start updating things... WITH PICTURES.

...and you thought the links were bad. =)

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Nothing like a 12 amp Vacuum to blow a fuse...

So my parents are heading back out tomorrow. It was great to see them again. I feel sorry for mom that my washer blew up on her and she needed to get it fixed this afternoon heh.

The new shades rock, though. I'll have to take some pics. But I got the 1/2 honeycomb style shades from Next Day Blinds. And yes, I'm being lazy and not linking everything like I normally do.

On the back side of the house, which faces West, I got the light blocking... with the normal on the east/front side. Turns out REALLY nice.

Only problem is that I had them to hook both of the half width blinds to their door holder things... but the guy said they only do one. So, I'll have to call them back and say "listen... two were paid for.. one was installed... I'd like you to come back out to install the other one please."

So the 12 amp Vacuum? Well the 30'ish year old vacuum cleaner I had finally died. The belt for the motor snapped, and a quick run to Wal*Mart found out that all the more common ones nowadays are much bigger. So we went back without one. So Mom sent Dad back out to go get a vacuum cleaner (and a dust buster, since mine was like... ancient too). Well not only is the dustbuster kick ass... This Vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil blew out the circuit it was on when I was trying to vacuum the bedroom. That's pretty rad. =)

Having a bagless vacuum is cool, too. You can see exactly how much stuff it's managing to pull up. It's one of those things where you never think your carpet is just THAT dirty... but whoa... Pretty insane.

Anywho... I'm babbling...

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Thursday, June 24, 2004


Ahem.. sorry... wrong movie, but when I first heard that Lucas was going to be re-editing THX-1138 like he did the original Star Wars trilogy, I was skeptical to say the least.

Well it seems that the changes (unless you're a purist) might have actually turned out for the better. This gentleman put up some shots showing a comparison between the new stuff and the original scene (if there was an equivilant). I must say color me impressed.

I still don't have any hope that the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs coming out in September won't be totally bent over again. I'm not much for giving out much hope for Lucas right now.

That being said, it would be nice to be pleasantly surprised.

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I had a dream... really... I did.

One of those... You let your brain wander when it's in the mindscape between the waking world and the unwaking.

So... I came up with the names of the custom Mustang and custom Harley that I'll get made whenever I make a bazillion dollars and get to retire.

Going with the whole "wookiee" theme, I came up with:

Mustang: Poniee
Harley: Harliee

Yah... not that greatest ever... but better then Wooktang and Wookley. Heh.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Doom III

So I get an IM from the Hobbit yesterday saying she noticed that the release date on EBGames and Gamestop is now showing as August 3rd.

Of course, this date isn't listed anywhere on Activision's, id Software's, or the official Doom 3 sites at all.

Today there's an article up on IGN about this.

What it sounds like to me is that August 3rd *IS* the release date... at least for someone internally at Activision. id is either hedging their bets due to a bug they are trying to track down, or just being stubborn with their "when it's done" line. They don't have to say anything till the darn thing goes gold... and I'm sure since it is id, they can wait till the absolute last second to do a quick turnaround on the CD mastering process (i.e. dump some extra cash into it since they know they'll sell 293874293874 copies).

I also like how it's being sold for $54.99, and not the more standard $49.99. Again, to me, that shows the potential for how big this will be... plus just id's stroke. Why sell it at $49.99 when you can sell it for $5 more.

So two things...

1) That gives me about 40 days to save up for an ATI X800 card. Am I geek enough to do this?


2) They have two different limited edition figures. One from EB and one from Gamestop. Am I a collector enough to do this?

We shall see...

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Launch day

Whelp, today is the day when New Frontiers launches.

I'll probably be watching the patchers and bandwidth off and on, even though that's not technically my responsibility anymore... old habits die hard. Plus I love watching the pretty graphs. "ohhhh... now here's when the players hit the patchers like a bunch of wild hyenas..."

I know the guys and gals upstairs and in PQ are going to be on edge today... So I cross my fingers, eyes, and toes in hopes that everything goes smoothly. =)

I fully expect the natural reaction on the VN Boards to be mostly pure hate for a couple days. Then once people actually sit down and play the game... it should be generally good. Well, as good as the VN Boards get, that is.

I'm actually really looking forward to it. There's a good chance I'm going to start a new character and just level up in the BG's. But we'll see how that goes.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to drop a line wishing my dad a Happy Father's Day.

From a guy that went from being "just" a career military man to President of a fairly impressive military contract firm, I think he's done pretty okay. =P

All joking aside, I'm proud of my dad and everything that he's been able to do for me and Mom over the years. I wouldn't be where I am without him having been there.

Hopefully those people at Cadillac realize they should do what needs to get done, before you "go wookiee" on them. =)

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Still single! Part 2

((Warning, this is super frelling long. Sorry in advance. If you don't want to read about a sad Wookiee... ignore this post.))

So the good news is that the female type person from the previous episode of "Still single!" had NOT decided to stop emailing me... With all of that crap that was going on with akamai last week, it seems that emails going in both directions were eaten.

I found this out by sending an email out on friday as a kind of "last feeler"... You know.. the... "if you did stop emailing me, just let me know why, otherwise I hope everything's okay.. yadda yadda".

So she emails me back saying that she was thinking that *I* had stopped emailing her.

So we email some more. We decide to pass real email addy's as we weren't sure it was eating emails or not.

We talk via AIM that night. She asks if I want to talk voice. Of course I am!

6 hours later we stop the phone conversation as her brother was calling in long distance. Cool.. it was close to 2am and I was tired.... Happy.. but tired.

The conversation went all across the spectrum. Talked about ourselves, what we liked, what we liked in other people... etc...etc... Everything seemed to be going great. We had a tentative date in two days to meet for coffee. She also wanted me to email her another picture that a friend of mine had taken the previous weekend.

It's all good...

...or so it seems.

So... I decide to send her the pic before I head over to Darrin and Lori's. I send out an email, go finish up some stuff, come back... and there's a bounce back message from AOL. That email account no longer existed. Red flag. I pushed it aside as AOL having email problems.

So I put the pic up on my web space here and I call her up to let her know where it was.

So I don't get an answer and I get routed to a voicemail box that was saying the phone number of that voicemail was different then the one I called. Confused, I called back... same thing. So I leave a message saying that I enjoyed the talk, looking forward to tomorrow, and I've got the pic up on my web space. If she wants to see it, to call up and I can give her the url since her email addy I have doesn't work anymore.

I head over to D&L's...

We break for dinner... I call back to see if she's there. This time, the phone gets picked up by a fax machine. No problemo as she said this was her unlisted work number (She works from home). I call right back while the fax machine is doing its thing, and I get voicemail again. This time, instead of getting the automated "you have called number... five five five".. it's actually set up as a voicemail box for "Us". Her voice. So I know this is good. I leave another message similar to the first.

I get home around midnight. I send another test email to the AOL account to see if it still bounces. Yup... so it really is deleted.

I then pull up thinking maybe she is using a different email now and I was going to email her through that. Interesting... her account is deleted. Not turned off, just not there at all.

So at this point I'm in a terrible mood. Granted... anything could have happened from Alien Abduction to "She never wants to speak to me ever again." But I find that weird when she tells me what her real name is (as she uses a fake name when she first meets someone online), to roughly where she lives, what she does... etc... Enough to find her if I went all stalker like.

So I call up the number again this morning, after leaving a message on the "Us" voicemail, I call right back and instead of the fax machine picking up, I get a third voicemail box with a male voice (sounds like her Dad... she's a budding artist, so she's living at home to help with costs.. makes sense to me) saying his name (which is the same last name she gave me) and the standard message stuff. So I leave a message there wondering if we're going to do coffee... I leave my cell phone number again, and I hang up.

Sooo... I'm just so fucking confused right now I don't know what to do. Well... I know what I'm doing... I'm going to hook up with Amber and we're going to hit Target to look for patio tables and chairs for the july 4th stuff.

But beyond that... I feel like a very sad Wookiee. I'm confused, and unsure of what to do next (except for the ever pleasant "wait") and just very much had the wind knocked out of my sails.

Meh... I just hope she calls me, and this turns out to be a big misunderstanding and set of coincedences...

A Wookiee can hope, right?

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Nothing like an ecclectic music taste...

So for shits and giggles I put my cd changer on full random this morning on the way into work.

I then realized the diversity of the CD's in said changer:

1) CD2 from Astral Projection's "In the Mix" Album

2 - 4) All three CD's from Led Zeppelin's "How the West Was Won" album

5) Limp Bizkit's "Results May Vary"

6) Anthrax's "Persistance of Time"

Granted, not as ecclectic as if I had Enya or my John William's CD back in there. But still an interesting crossover of old and new, rock to metal to trance.

Was really cool.


Someone hook a Wookiee up. K thx. Elsewise... You know I'll end up getting it one way or another. =)

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Still single!


So I had a good email conversation going on with someone that actually fired ME off an email from even though I hadn't been to it in over 3 months.

Things were going well... she likes console games. GTA and Syphon Filter...

Then she asked me about my job and what I like to do.

Well... That's usually when they stop talking to me.


I LIKE who I am. (and yes, this is being prompted from having read the Hobbit's blog this morning)

Anywho... I really do like who I am nowadays. I look good. I feel good. But, I'm a hard core geek. Hardware geek, gaming geek, computer geek, console geek... partial anime geek.

Unfortunatly in this area, if you're not a rock hard stud, drive a BMW, and have a 6 digit figure, you're generally SOL.

Now this isn't a pity party... Yes, if I go and spend time doing clubs, or dancing, or whatever requires me to try and weed out people, etc.

So I try the internet thing.. I try the friend thing... It always ends up with me screwing something up.

So while I like me... trying to get other people to like me (like that, of course), is something else entirely.

Their loss.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

It's alive.... ALIVE!!!!!

Dr. Frankenwookiee manages to revive another computer.

I had remembered the other day that Kidder hadn't even really used his Shuttle SFF PC that he was setting up sometime last year.

I figured after he had purchased his Dell, that he didn't need it.

Little did I know.

So I asked him if we could come to some sort of arrangement on letting me use it since he wasn't. I hate seeing good hardware not being used... Ask about me using Crossmire's VEGA TV for over a year as it was just sitting around.

But I digress.

So he agrees to it, and we plan an evening where he'll come over and play some Full Spectrum Warrior, and I'll work on tranferring the important guts of my 2nd PC (which is nothing more then an IRC/AIM/Web box at this point) into this SFF shell. Not a problem. Just pull out the two hard drives, and slap them into the Shuttle.


What Kidder failed to mention was the reason he stopped working with the shuttle. He broke it.

So after I can't get video, and can't get it to boot properly. I pull off the heat pipe and see the single most amount of goop that I've seen slathered onto a CPU and heatsink in my life.

Needless to say, my guess at this point was that it was a dead CPU. Even after cleaning off the goop, and using a more normal amount, it wouldn't boot.

So I ran by the computer store across from work before I jetted over to Yoko Sushi and Haircutter to meet up with Weakley for some shorning and sushi eating.

Picked up an Athlon XP 2800+ that they were having a deal on. Slapped that in the box when I got home... plugged enough things back together to see if it booted... and low and behold... the monitor came to life.


So after swapping the hard drives around so the first was actually the primary on the primary channel and second was the primary on the secondary channel (due to the really short and precise cables they use), i dropped my XP Pro CD into the DVD drive (Which, btw, is probably the loudest and most bass-ackwards DVD drive i've ever used) I proceeded to use the second repair option to get XP back up and running with the new hardware on the mini-beast.

I'm writing this update as I'm in the process of updating the XP install on the box as it is a pre-SP1 copy of XP that I'm using. At least with my connection this doesn't take that long.

But.. it's alive... ALIVE!!!

And it's got a REALLY nifty blue light for the power light.

I like blue lights on electronic hardware.

A ton.

Just ask around... I always point out the blue light on my spiffy DVD player downstairs.

Mmmmm... Blue lights.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Lacuna Coil

Anyone heard of this band?

I just got introduced to them by Christy as she figured that I would like them.

They are some sort of heavy metal band from Italy. They have a male and/or female lead singer depending on the song. She even blorbled something about one of the songs having a violin update.

They supposedly only had one album out... Comalies

Leave it to me to find 2 other albums and an EP.


Damn her... DAMN HER!

Well at least she ended up having to buy the extras that she didn't know about yet. /smirk

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Brunhard the Lasher


Elp sent me pics of the paint job he did on the mini-fig for my character from the upcoming Underdark campaign that Weakley's going to be running.

All I can say is WOW.

Lasher is a race type from the Green Ronin book Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Halfbreeds.

Okay.. so I'm going link happy. Suffer.

Anywho... interesting book. Nothing really broken that I can tell in it, unlike some of the other third part D20 books.

But the Lasher is a dwarf/roper hybrid. Don't worry about HOW that happened, let's just say lots of Barry White and some magic. In the description for the Lasher they talk about them having skin that is chameleon in nature. Regardless of the ability for their arms to stretch out. So the pose is very much him about to stretch his arms out, plus his skin/beard match the ground/grass.

WOW... That's just impressive.

I'm thinking the sword is going to end up a shocking/frost weapon. While the hammer is going to be fiery burst/disruption.

Can't wait to use him.

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So nothing like coming into work and having an email with this link in it waiting for me from a work-mate. Rat bastard.

How can you not want that? I mean.. OMG!

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Monday, June 14, 2004

How your motherboard is assembled...

Okay THIS is really cool.

Being a techy guy, I've always liked behind the scene stuff, or walkthroughs on how other stuff is made.

This is neat. Peering behind the curtain to see the wizard always makes things seem more real to me, not less so.

Color me strange that way.

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Hi Mom!

Figure you'll get dad to print this all out at some point like you said.

So.. Hello!

See... this is me doing something that'll probably get me in trouble!

But i'm not being TOO stupid about it. =P

*hugs mom*

And yes... My Mom reads my blog. Wanna make something of it?

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

...and stuff and things!

This one's just for you Amber.

So it seems that Amber is now trying to get me to stop ending my sentances randomly with the phrase "... and stuff and things."

First Jim starts in on me at work (which I really appreciate as it is an unconscious thing at this point doesn't add anything to what I'm saying)... and now Amber.

Of course, I'm her GM of this nacient DnD 3.5 game... So I can always get her back if I wanted to!

Her: "I open the door"

Me: "You die."

Oh well... That won't be happening, at least not for that reason, since I do want to stop saying "...and stuff and things". I have NO idea how I even started saying that... or when. Oye.

Anywho... about that DnD 3.5 game. So far so good. Since Amber and Craig were out of any DnD loops and were startint to jones for it pretty badly, we ended up with Amber GM'ing and Craig and I playing at first. But then realizing that Amber wasn't familier with the 3.5 rules, and I was, I'd run them through the basic pack set of adventures as GM and then swap out once done with that. But then it just turned into me GM'ing and Craig and Amber playing.

I'm cool with that. As long as I've got pre-made modules to run, I can do it no problemo. Yes, I'm a gimp GM that way, but after having played in the Monday Night DnD Game as long as I have, I'm just intimidated by how well Elpers, Chris, Kai, and Anthony GM... I just don't have any hope.

But with new, fresh blood... I'm all over that.

And you know what, so far it's fun. Almost killed off one of Craig's characters, too. Since there's only two of them, they are each playing two characters to keep things going smoothly.

Next step... Get the Hobbit to start playing too. Then we'll see what mayhem we can unleash.

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My old description

"My first steps on the road to digital hell. Next thing you know I'll own my own domain name."

For posterity... or something.

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Time to change the sub-title

It seems that I DO have my own domain name now. Hrm.

I, yet again, blame the Hobbit. =P

So yes, here is the resting place of this whole blog thing. Now time to get the rest of the web site up and running.

Time to hax0r the template here and see what I can break, etc.

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Mmm... Lunch

So I decided to try one of the McD's salads out today for lunch. They say they are good for you, and McD's never lies. Right?

I'm still trying to figure out the wet asian female on the side of their cups. Is that somehow them trying to say that language gets you wet? I dunno.

So I get this kinda large ugly orange "adult happy meal" box that they stick the salad in with the rest of the fixings. I like how the dressing and the croutons are not actually part of the salad.

If this works out, I figure I'll just do this for lunch M-W-F since that coincides with my chiro appointments with Dr. Randy. Yes, they go by their first names there. It's a very southern thing to do. I should know, between the Hobbit and my parents living in Alabama, I pick up things.

Anywho, but since McD's is next door to the chiro office... Well... not DIRECTLY next door. There's a bread place that sells white chocolate raspberry bread on thursdays that I'm trying to ignore. So since that would create a void in the fabric of reality, the McD's is next door to the chiro office. Got that? Good.

Looking at the face of Mr. Newman on the Newman's Own Ranch Dressing that comes with the salad, I wonder how many different faces he's allowed himself to be given for his different products?

Useless information for the day... Did you know that Shopping is now an official sport? Official sport for whom? Dunno. But that's what the side of the really orange "adult happy meal" box says.

And McD's never lies, right?


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Thursday, June 10, 2004

MtG: Badger Badger Badger Badger

I could have made SUCH the weenie deck with a set of these cards.

Badger Badger Badger Badger

Of course... with the updates I've done over the last few times... CoH, WoW, now MtG... I wonder to myself if there's any mainstream or near mainstream game that I didn't/don't play? Hahahaha.

Oh well... Time well spent, imo.

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This is so so true...

As Gabe from PA says in this fan art:

"It's good to be the Warlock"

I must admit that the first time you get that particular pet, there is a certain satisfaction at seeing her dispatch some random critter that you sent her after.

Blizzard got one thing right (well they got more then one thing, but I digress), most geek guys wouldn't mind having one of those hanging around at their beck and call. =)

Hey... I just call it like I see it.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So it seems...

...that I've got the Clockwork King pissed off at me now. I remind him of the vigilante that damaged his body.

Well... and anyone else this far along the clockwork story. The solo fight against Clanger was fun.

Go me!

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Clockworks... How I hate thee...

I swear... these little mechanized munchkins are worse then the frelling 5th column and their armies of grenade launchers.

Nothing like trying to do a solo blaster mission against them. Oye. The end damage sucks more then the health damage.

Once I get my host set up i'll grab some SS's of my little blaster dude. He rocks. And when I say little.. I mean little... heh.

Anywho... resting done! Time to kick more metallic butt!

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Yummy combat equations...

I think i've got a good base for things. Gives a wide, but very controlled, variance for being able to hit someone based on factors that make sense.

Imagine that...

Stuff that makes sense...

In an MMOG...

The world is ending.

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Domain Name

So I either started the wheels to turn, or I just threw a wrench into the whole damn thing.

We'll see if the internet blows up or not.

Went and ordered Ultraedit. Realizing i'm going to have to go get some books on html as the last time I did anything with it, *IMG* tags were new. Joy.

Need to go register bulletproof ftp from the looks of it too.

Need to start figuring out a directory structure for everything too...

...and pictures! Need to get by a digial camera so I can start taking pics. Either that or I can just borrow Kidder's camera forever and a day. Maybe I can go nudge Dad into upgrading his. Hrm.

Oh yes... On the work front... Going to start figuring out the actual combat equations soon. Seems we had some timetables shifted around and we're going to get programming time sooner then later.

Might end up being a good thing that I'm not taking the first week in July off. Altho... I still wish Stacey was coming down.

Who's Stacey? Potential SO type person. We click well online. Havn't met in person yet, and we both know how "IRL" can change opinions on people. So she won't be coming down till August at the earliest now. So i wait... and bug her needlessly on AIM... What's a Wookiee to do? =P

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Day 2

It was a balmy morning in the Amazon. The bugs were bigger then houses!


This whole thing screams of a big experiment that I'm not even aware I'm part of. Let's see where it takes us, shall we?

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Sky Captain Trailer


or something...


I can't wait for this movie. Mmmmmm.... old school... REALLY old school sci-fi schtuff.

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Step 2... oye

So the digital corruption by the Hobbit continues. I knew that this blog was a bad idea.

So I went and just did the registration for DONTFEEDTHEWOOKIEE.COM

Next thing you know I'll be buying a digital camera to take pictures of random things to post on my new host to link here!



So now I'll get to figure out how to get this stuff all working over there shortly.

Somewhere... people are laughing at me over this. Oh yes.
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Remote posting...

Wondering if this really works.

If it does. Cool.

If it doesn't. Um. Not cool?


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Minima Blue

Since I really have no artistic skill to speak of, I think i'll settle with this template for now.

Maybe I'll bribe someone to help me spruce up things at some point... Who knows.

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Yes the template is going to change a bunch...'re not halucinating. Altho, if you want to think you are, go right ahead.

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I am not witty

No idea why I'm doing this. But I always thought doing a blog might lead to some insight... or something.

So.. here it is. Finally spurned into doing this by seeing how much fun KC was having with her blog. Well I can only assume she's having fun with her blog.

Of course, plenty of other people I know have blogs, too. Both Robn and Joshua. Both of them are just beyond swanky most of the times. Well at least Robn is. Joshua is just simply brilliant.

Another blog from a friend of mine would be from Scott. His also brilliant... but usually in a more satire based way. Oh for the days of the old Lum. Actually, I prefer the new Lum.. and I'm sure he does too. He actually gets paid.

Anywho... enough for me trying to look cool for throwing random links to friend's blogs out there.

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