Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fun with fanatics...

So I was reading over at Lum's that Chris Taylor is coming out with a psuedo-sequal to Total Annihilation called Supreme Commander.

Okay, wicked. TA was a damn fine RTS game. Between the good use of polygons with the units and the "equation" that tried to keep everything balanced (which allowed for something like 28736428736423864 different units to be created), it is ceratinly one of the best RTS's out there.

Obviously Lum's a big fan. Nifty. He and I have talked about it in the past so i can dig that.

I thought I was a fan... Boy was I wrong.

I wandered over to the 2nd link that Lum posted and saw this:
It's already better than all other RTSs combined, including TA, all its expansion packs, every mod/TC made for it, and the TAFS, and TAU. And that's saying nothing Man, I'm saving those pictures!!

EDIT And anything else to come in the real-time strategy genre, unless Taylor decides to make Supreme Commander 2

So this guy's decided that based off of seeing a scan of the cover of PC Gamer, and the scans of the article itself... that this game that he's never played is simply the best thing ever.

This is why it's so much fun to poke the fanatics with a sharp pointy stick. They take being a fan to such an extreme level that it's past the point of being absurd.

I know people make fun of how much I like certain things... Like Star Wars... but at least I know that I never take it as far as some of these guys, and gals, do. Or better yet... if I ever do... please... hit me over the head with a blunt object...

...or something. =P

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Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm Batman!

I could have sworn I posted about this the other night after I got back from seeing Batman Begins.

Incredible movie. I was so jazzed after seeing it that I couldn't get to sleep till like 3:30-4 AM.

It really hit it all the marks.

Two days later and I've still got a buzz in my brain about it.

I'm hoping that the rumor of Mark Hamill as one of the potential people to play Joker is true and he gets picked. He's done the voice of the animated Joker for over a decade now. And if you've ever seen him do the voice while on camera... he's certainly got the manerisms for it, ta boot.

I think that'd be very, very cool.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Combining stuff on the web...

So I was just shown this new URL:

Go check it out... I'll wait for you to come back.

Doo doo dooo....

You back? Isn't that awesome? Someone actually managed to combine the housing rent/sell listings from craigslist with the "thumbtack" view of Google Maps.

This is just simply brilliant.... And actually useful, ta boot.

Imagine that... something on the web actually being useful.

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Been busy...

Sorry I havn't had much of a chance to blog much... I actually have been busy enough that I havn't touched the PC at home for many weeks now.

Buuuuut... I just got a brand new Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop... that's all going to change. =) This weekend's project is getting this badboy set up as my primary pc to use here at home (so far so good this thing screams), as well as setting it up as my primary at work, too.

I may not set it up as my truely primary box at work... but not sure yet.. It's not like it's not powerful enough... but there's something to having a PC that's not yours that you use at work that you really don't have to deal with if it blows up, etc.

Ah well... Quickly dropped the Republic Commando game on it as that's what I had handy. Works like a charm. Going to work on getting the Battlefield 2 demo up and running on here later. I just know that once I do that, I won't be moving from this spot for a while... and I have stuff I need to get done. heh.

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